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AMS Group is a holding company based in Indonesia and Singapore. We are focused on manufacturing and bussiness services companies. We have strong management teams, attractive businesses and drive measurable value for all stakeholders.


AMS Group is a holding group of companies with various business sectors

We are a general trading & supplier selling tinplate sheets, tin-free steel, and easy open ends. With continuous investment and fortress, we have become one of the important material suppliers. Our team offers services that provide you stable support and realize superior solutions.

As manufacturers– We exist to provide consumer brands to make their products more convenient, easy to use, and ready shipped with approved quality products. As well as equipment and best service customized solutions for every customer to a broad range of end markets. Driven by strong enterprise, our innovation produces special and excellent Two Piece Can, Three Piece Can, and Club Cans (Quarter Club Cans) as a high-end brand.

As services – We provide a service experience for customer needs in the form of safe and efficient Air Blast Freezer (ABF) and Cold Storage. Here we always ensure that the stored products are kept at the right temperature. Being at the forefront of innovation to change the paradigm of ensuring the sustainability and quality of frozen products is our ultimate goal.

With PT. Blue Ocean Foods Indonesia, we take pride in our commitment as canning Industry and producer of canned meat, seafood, vegetable. With food safety management system, we produce the best premium delicious variety flavor with high-technology.

PT BOFI equipped with the cold storage for efficiency and maintain sufficient inventory of fish. Moreover, the continuos improvement drive us to move forward as the greater canned fish processor.

We started PT Haka Artha Ciptaunggul’s industrial business as the best supplier and exporter of Coconut with high-quality Cocofibre and Cocopeat to worldwide. We strive to be the top suppliers located in Banyuwangi, East Java.

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AMS Group is a part of your life, more than you know. Chances are, you already use products which are either produced, distributed, or manufactured by one of our companies. From dusk till dawn, our products are helping you make life easier, healthier, and full of joy. It is indeed our vision to create added value for all of our stakeholders.

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